Class GradleLocalFileFinder

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    public class GradleLocalFileFinder
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements CachedArtifactFinder

    Searches a local Gradle installation for locally-cached artifacts.

    Consumers of this class are responsible for installing and configuring Gradle with the standard Gradle environment variables. For example, GRADLE_USER_HOME.

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      Create an instance with default state.
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      RepoResult find​(java.lang.String coordinates)
      Searches a dependency management system's locally-cached artifacts.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GradleLocalFileFinder

        public GradleLocalFileFinder()

        Create an instance with default state. The created instance will attempt to locate and work with a local Gradle installation's file system dependency cache it assumes will be installed at a standard default location. It will look for environment variables such as GRADLE_USER_HOME and GRADLE_HOME.

        If no such environment is found, it will assume the caller intends for this instance to work with a Gradle installation located in the home directory of the current user.

        The methods of this instance operate in the context of the locations described above.

    • Method Detail

      • find

        public RepoResult find​(java.lang.String coordinates)
        Description copied from interface: CachedArtifactFinder

        Searches a dependency management system's locally-cached artifacts.

        This operation assumes artifact caches can be found at certain standard locations on the local file system.

        Specified by:
        find in interface CachedArtifactFinder
        coordinates - A non-empty, colon-delimited string of the form: „group:artifact:version[:classifier]“. Commonly referred to as „GAV“ coordinates, this is the standard addressing scheme dependency management systems use to distinguish individual modules from one another.
        A composite result that Optionally holds the artifact specified by the given coordinates (if found) and its parent folder.