Interface CachedArtifactFinder

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    GradleLocalFileFinder, MavenLocalFileFinder

    public interface CachedArtifactFinder

    Specifies the contract that concrete cached artifact finder implementations must conform to.

    Consumers of this API are responsible for installing and configuring the dependency management system that concrete implementations would be called on to query. That means setting the standard environment variables prescribed by specific build systems. For example, GRADLE_USER_HOME or whatever.

    • Method Detail

      • find

        RepoResult find​(java.lang.String coordinates)

        Searches a dependency management system's locally-cached artifacts.

        This operation assumes artifact caches can be found at certain standard locations on the local file system.

        coordinates - A non-empty, colon-delimited string of the form: „group:artifact:version[:classifier]“. Commonly referred to as „GAV“ coordinates, this is the standard addressing scheme dependency management systems use to distinguish individual modules from one another.
        A composite result that Optionally holds the artifact specified by the given coordinates (if found) and its parent folder.